Bock postmaster retires

Bock Postmaster Judy Nelson spent her last day at the post office this past Friday as she heads into retirement.

Last Friday, Sept. 28 was the last day of work for longtime Bock Postmaster Judy Nelson.

“It’s a great day,” she said as she and fellow United States Postal Service employees finished up the last of the inventory.

For the past 19 years Nelson has been a familiar and welcoming face for Bock residents using USPS services. As she hangs up her more than two-decade postal career, Nelson said she is looking forward to retirement and spending more time with her grandchildren, ages 4 through 14.

“I guess my grandkids will be my priority,” she said. “I can go to Grandparent Day and all that fun stuff now.”

The decision to retire was entirely Nelson’s choice and not due to the restructuring and unknown future of the Bock location, she said.

“I should have retired two years ago. When you get to be 62, you should retire,” she said laughing.

Plenty of unusual requests have made their way across the counter at Bock’s Post Office.

“One time we had to take and mail a car seat that someone forgot in town,” Nelson said. “But probably the strangest thing I received was bees.  Of course, we always get the little chicks in spring.”

Nelson began working for USPS in 1986 as a clerk in Pierz. She held that position for five years until her promotion to Postmaster at Lake George, where she worked for two years before coming to Bock. She said the best part of her tenure with the post office has been the customers.

“I had lots of good customers,” Nelson said. “I’m usually the first one to know when they get married, or had a baby, which is fun to be in the loop. We kind of decide our own hours, and I usually stayed later because I wanted to serve our customers as best we could.”

For the full story, see the Thursday, Oct. 4 print edition of the Times.