County briefs: Ditch 14 repairs approved

Commissioner Dan Whitcomb asked that an August tabling of a request to repair County Ditch No. 14 near Long Siding be discussed, saying he thought the ditch might be a public health hazard. After about 15 minutes of discussion, a motion was approved to authorize an expenditure of up to $15,000 to make repairs, about $3,550 of that amount for contingencies. Board chair Jack Edmonds, who voted against the motion, said he thought the matter should wait until after a meeting next month with an attorney who is a specialist on drainage issues. (The board approved a retainer agreement earlier in the meeting for $200 per month with that attorney.) County engineer Bruce Cochran, in August, said it was likely that other breakage in the ditch’s tile will be found during the repair process. Cochran, in answer to a question from Commissioner Frank Courteau at the Oct. 2 meeting, said the repairs could be completed before the ground freezes.


Sheriff’s staff to be CPR instructors

Sheriff Brent Lindgren asked commissioners to approve a contract with CPR Professionals, Andover, to certify sheriff’s office personnel as instructors for CPR and first responder training. The instructors will then train the sheriff’s staff members. Three current EMTs (emergency medical technician) will be certified this year at a cost of $8,356 so they can instruct and train staff members during the 2013 training cycle. The cost includes equipment. Lindgren told commissioners there would be an 18-month return on the investment. “It just makes a lot of sense to do it,” he told commissioners. An invoice from CPR Professionals shows $1,200 for training, $360 for 30 textbooks, $446 for sales tax, and the remaining $6,530 for equipment. A motion was passed unanimously to approve the request.


Vacation rental home permits tabled

With Commissioner Dan Whitcomb voting no, commissioners approved a request by Craig Hagman of Hagman Enterprises to table a request for an interim use permit for a vacation rental home in an existing dwelling in South Harbor Township. Hagman told members of the county’s planning commission at their Sept. 10 meeting that he intends to apply to the county’s Board of Adjustment for an increase in occupancy from 8 to 10 people. Whitcomb said it seemed like an unusual request and ended up voting no when the motion to approve was passed.


Two ‘retired’ squad cars to be auctioned

Sheriff Lindgren requested permission to sell two “retired” squad cars at auction and permission was granted. One is a 2003 Chevrolet Impala with 326,000 miles on it and the other is a 2006 Impala with 157,000 miles on it that Lindgren said needs multiple repairs, including a transmission.


Two county                employees honored

Barb Grandy, the confidential secretary/records technician in the sheriff’s office, and Stefanie Dillan, lead eligibility worker in the Community and Veterans Service Department, were given plaques honoring their service to the county. A recommendation for Grandy said she “knows a little bit about everything in the sheriff’s office. She carries a big load and does so very professionally.” A recommendation from social workers for Dillan said she “has been a tremendous source of knowledge for many years” and “knows her job inside and out, and works hard to get things done in a very timely manner.”