Lahn accepts Alexandria position

Princeton Schools Superintendent Richard Lahn has accepted the superintendent post with the Alexandria School District.

Lahn met with Alexandria School District officials Monday night and worked out the details of a new contract, he said at Tuesday’s meeting of the Princeton Board of Education.

However, Lahn had not signed a contract with the Alexandria School District as of Tuesday night.

A resignation letter will be presented to the Princeton School Board sometime next week, Lahn said. Alexandria would like to have him on the job January 1, 2013, he said.

The Alexandria School District is requesting that Princeton trade some contract days with its district, Lahn said. Alexandria is proposing that Princeton allow Lahn to work in the Alexandria School District for up to 10 days prior to January 1, 2013 so he can transition with its retiring superintendent, Dr. Terry Quist.

In exchange, Alexandria would allow Lahn to work in the Princeton District for 10 days after January 1, 2013 to help with the transition to a new superintendent.

Lahn said after pouring his heart and soul into the Princeton School District for eight years he is going to do everything in his power to ensure a smooth transition.

“I’m not going to pull out and leave you, and the folks in Alexandria know I feel that way,” Lahn said.

Board members will meet next week with a consultant specializing in the recruitment of school superintendents.