Letter: Fairview helps make clinic a success

This past Thursday Rum River Health Services offered our first open clinic for uninsured and underinsured patients. This was the next step in our work to provide a full service clinic to provide health care to people who have financial limitations that prevent them from seeing a medical provider.

This would not have been possible without the help and strong partnership that we have with Fairview Northland.  I would like to thank John Herman and the leadership of Fairview Northland for the assistance they have provided us.  Fairview Northland has helped us in a variety of ways ranging from providing consultation on cleaning, to actually sending their staff in to clean carpets in our facility in preparation for our first clinic night.  Fairview staff has consulted with us on policies and procedures, on recordkeeping and also on the planning for an electronic medical record system.  In the days before the opening they had maintenance staff on site working on ensuring that our clinic rooms were functioning at a high level.

In addition, we have had Fairview staff members volunteering in a variety of ways to make this project a success, from medical providers to laboratory staff to environmental services staff — the Fairview Northland commitment to our success has been extraordinary.

Thank you to Fairview Northland for helping to make this clinic a success.

Jeff Larson, executive director                                                        Rum River Health Services, Inc.