Letter: In St. Paul too long

If there’s one point that our current State Representative Sondra Erickson has gotten across this year, it’s that you shouldn’t blame her for property taxes going up in rural Minnesota. She says it’s a “local issue.”

Really? I remember in years past, Sondra asked for our votes because she gave property tax relief. In her 1999 session report, she wrote. “Additional property tax relief will be available on houses, businesses, apartments and cabins through state payment of part of the school taxes now paid by home and farm land owners.”

Representative Erickson has been down in St. Paul too long. If you look at fliers she hands out, all of the pictures are from St. Paul, not here. In the government shutdown, she stood up for people with personal income of more than $1 million each year after deductions. I don’t know many (any?) people like that in our district. These people may be buying yachts for Lake Minnetonka and $100 dinners in the Twin Cities, but they’re not the job creators around here.

The truth is, Rep. Erickson stopped representing us a long time ago. Isn’t it about time we elected someone to stand up for us down in St. Paul?  Joe Walsh offers that choice.

He’s running to fix the broken school funding system that Rep. Erickson helped create.

Right now, kids in our district get thousands of dollars less per pupil to compete for the same spots in college and jobs. Ogilvie is down to a 4-day school week because it can’t afford to keep its doors open 5 days a week. Shouldn’t this concern Rep. Erickson? I guess those are “local issues,” too.

On Nov. 6, we can send someone to St. Paul who actually wants to fix these “local issues” and won’t pass the buck. These are not Republican or Democrat issues.

Won’t you join me in supporting our local communities and vote for Joe Walsh on Nov. 6?


Jim Olson,