Changes coming to Foreston P.O.

The Foreston Post Office is undergoing a reorganization process that will either reduce its hours or close its doors.

Foreston area residents had a chance to share their thoughts on what may become of their post office last week at a townhall meeting with USPS regional and local management.

Foreston Post Office officer in charge Amisa Pollard said survey results from a recently mailed questionnaire were also given to those in attendance.

The survey, sent to homes and residences in Foreston, elicited 196 responses. It asked locals to choose one of four options.

The first choice given to residents was to keep the post office open, but reduce the hours to four per day.

The second option involved closing the Foreston location and leaving postal needs to be conducted by rural carriers. In this event, residents would purchase stamps from their carriers, and leave packages to be mailed at the mailbox or doorstep to be picked up.

The third choice given to residents would be to close the post office and find an alternative locations (usually an existing business in the community) for what the USPS is calling a “village post office.”

Option number four would also close the Foreston location and relocate post office boxes to a nearby office, such as Milaca.

Pollard said survey participants overwhelmingly chose option number one (reduced hours) by 86 percent. Foreston residents opted for a rural carrier program at 6 percent, 3 percent chose a village post office, 3 percent picked moving the post offices boxes to Milaca and another 3 percent were undecided.

For the full story, see the Thursday, Oct. 18 print edition of the Times.