Letter: There is no surplus

A few weeks ago, I got a flyer from Rep. Sondra Erickson that was a session review from this past year. Rep. Erickson claimed that she had “helped to create a budget surplus of $1.2 billion, a $6 billion difference from the inherited deficit of 2011.”

So I did my homework. This surplus includes $700 million of one-time money borrowed from future tobacco settlement payments. I know that in my own family budget, living on borrowed money is never the solution to any long-term problem.

Rep. Erickson also ignored the $2.4 billion that the state borrowed from schools in order to balance its own budget. Many of these districts had to borrow money just to pay bills this past year, leaving our local school districts deeper in debt. This is not a solution, it just adds to the problem.

It turns out, when the new legislature takes over, they will have to deal with a deficit of about $4.4 billion, which is  almost the same as when Rep. Erickson started.

We need someone in St. Paul who will be accountable to our district.

Joe Walsh is that man.

I have personally seen Joe out in the community many times in the past few months.

Joe is an honest, hard-working man who will work tirelessly for our district.

Join me on November 6th in voting for Joe Walsh, State Representative District 15A.  We all deserve a better Minnesota!

Kay Goslinga, Princeton