Letter: Passion, parents and sports

Ever find yourself caught up in a situation that your initial reaction is anger and you feel that the system is against you? And when that situation involves your child, do you find yourself feeling even more passionate? I recently went through this situation and it’s not fun.

Amateur sports boards are confronted with the difficult task of making decisions that directly impact our children. The board members are at the forefront of the battleground with passionate parents. Am I guilty of being one of those passionate parents? Absolutely.

These boards can’t make everyone happy. That’s just the way it is. As a father of three boys (12, 14 and 27), I have already been through one of these cycles with my oldest. Board members are generally volunteers. In most cases, their children are in the program and they represent the grade, sport or activity in which their child participates. When they are confronted with the tough decisions they have to make, they, and only they, will be on the front line of defense and take a brunt of the complaints.

In my situation, I belief that there were unintended consequences. I believe that if the board thought the outcome of the situation would turn out like it did, they would have addressed the issue more closely. Nevertheless, they had to make a tough decision. At that point, it is everyone’s right to make their own decision based upon that outcome. If our decision offended anyone, then I am truly sorry. That would be my unintended consequence as a passionate parent.

At this point, we have an obligation to our children to set a good example. In my case, I am grateful that there haven’t been repercussions among the kids. My grievance in the situation shouldn’t affect my son’s relationship with his classmates. Parents can agree to disagree and move on.

I extend my gratitude to all who volunteer on behalf of all our children. Your job can be very difficult and sometimes we have no idea how difficult it is.

Craig Hrkal, Princeton