Candidate residency in question in Isanti

Some voters from Isanti County have contacted me concerning Kurt Daudt’s eligibility to run in District 31. In Minnesota, to run for the state House of Representatives, a candidate must live within the district that they wish to represent. Kurt owns land in both District 31 and 32.

I understand that redistricting has made it difficult for those who have had their district lines changed. However, a house member is supposed to represent his neighbors, the people of a specific district. Because of redistricting, the courts have given these representatives a lot a leeway in deciding where to run.

I asked by letter and Kurt was asked in open meeting how he happened to chose to run in District 31 and he has not answered the inquiry.  The question of course is who will he represent in Saint Paul? Will he represent his financial interest in District 32 or the people of District 31?

Mel Aanerud, Chair, District 31 DFL