Catholic Church out of touch with reality

The marriage amendment has inspired rhetoric around the tattered metaphor, “the sanctity of marriage.” This ideal does not reflect reality. More and more babies are born to unwed mothers. Divorce is an accepted reality.

Catholic bishops would have the faithful vote, “Yes.” They impose prayers which highlight  “the dignity and beauty of marriage … the foundation of family and society…”  These prayers articulate why same-sex couples desire marriage. Many such couples are raising children. Children loved by two adults in a loving relationship. How dare we say it is better for the children to live with a man and woman and have a 50 percent chance of being shattered by divorce.

If marriage is so valued why has the Catholic Church changed its policies, no longer allowing priests to marry? The Catholic Church bitterly fought to uphold the Biblical passages showing that the sun revolved around the earth? How long will it take to accept that attraction to the same sex has biological roots?

The Catholic Church was once the guardian of the poor and oppressed. So why the silence on the other amendment which will make it harder for the disenfranchised to vote? Is it because “Catholic Church” used above refers to powerful leaders like the bishop and pope who are out of touch with reality? As a baptized Catholic, I find both amendments mean spirited. I am embarrassed when our bishops engage in bully politics. I image that Jesus Christ, the source of love, if faced with these amendments would vote “NO,” on both amendments no matter what the bishops said.

Marty Meyer-Gad, Santiago Township