Edmonds understands needs of city, county

I usually don’t write letters to the editor in support of a candidate, but it is different when it comes to Jack Edmonds. I know Jack Edmonds personally. I have lived across the street from Jack for a number of years and have spent a lot of time talking with him. He for sure has my vote for Mille Lacs County Commissioner.

There are many  reasons I would encourage you to consider voting for Jack, but I will narrow it down to two. First, Jack knows Princeton and the Mille Lacs County area better than anyone else I know. He has lived and worked in this community for decades. He understands what this area needs from local government. He is well versed in the local issues and how the decisions that he and the other county commissioners make impact both the individual citizen and local businesses. Jack understands that this county needs to be fiscally wise and encourage an environment that fosters job creation.

The second reason Jack Edmonds has my support is because he is very level headed. Jack is the type of individual who will give a fair hearing to whoever approaches him. He is a clear thinker who looks at an issue from all vantage points and then arrives at a decision. Jack’s evenhandedness comes from his strong belief that he is there to serve us, the citizens of Mille Lacs County.

Jack has the experience and integrity to serve you and I well. I would encourage you to vote for him for Mille Lacs County Commissioner

Tony Cassiday, Princeton