Knox will support our children’s education

I am a senior who is concerned about what’s happening to our education system. My eight years in a one-room county school and four years of high school have served me fairly well. My four sons, who graduated in the ‘70s, had much more to learn than I in high school. As more information and technology becomes available, our young people must step up and take it all in.

Parents and community members used to know that education was critical in order for young people to do their best and succeed. Somehow, over the years, education does not seem to be a priority anymore. Unfortunately, many parents are extremely busy earning a living and it makes involvement with their children’s learning very difficult. Even though they know reading and oversight can make a big difference in their child’s success at school.

Money is scarce, so demands on our schools and teachers have increased. Having our legislature “borrow” from schools has only worsened the problem. Some teachers even find themselves spending their own money for supplies. With the resources they have, we are asking our teachers to do a nearly impossible job, and the pressure is only increasing.

This is my eighth year as a Foster Grandparent and I spend about 24 hours a week working with three-year-olds up to fourth graders in the Ogilvie school. I am very aware of how things are going.

Sally Knox knows that her kids, your kids and grandchildren cannot reach their full potential if we give them a substandard education. We must invest in the future. I will be voting for Sally Knox for Minnesota State Senate on November 6th.

Bernie Murphey, Ogilvie