Nagle has been silent on need for school

The community knows pretty well that three of the candidates for the Princeton School Board are pro-children. In addition to our state taxes and annual real estate school tax, the additional $1,300,000 school operating levy was passed last summer. The new high school tennis courts cost over $300,000 and now there is discussion of a new school.

The economy is in terrible shape and no serious improvement is in sight. So many people are unemployed and yet more are underemployed. As reported in the Union-Eagle, a new elementary school would cost $23 million dollars. How much can we afford during these hard times? The paper also reported that renovations would cost only $7 million dollars.

What we don’t know, is why the fourth school board candidate, Chuck Nagle, has chosen to remain silent on the need for a new elementary school. Could it be that he is opposed to a new school but does not wish to take a public stand until after he is elected?

In any event, be sure to vote on November 6.

Linda K. Lindholm, Princeton