City approves pay estimate bills

The council approved two pay estimate bills, both relating to the nearly-completed expansion of the city’s wastewater treatment plant. The one pay estimate bill was for $94,426.57 and is from the Rice Lake Construction Group, the general contractor for the wastewater plant expansion.

The other pay estimate bill was for $82,228.67, and was from Minnesota Native Landscapes, for part of its work to modify the stream bank at two sites along the Rum River and at one site along the west branch of the Rum River, as part of reducing phosphorous going into the river through sediment erosion. The project was a requirement for the city being granted the state permit to expand the wastewater plant.

City Administrator Mark Karnowski noted that the wastewater plant contractor had a problem recently of water leaking out of the concrete containers for the reed beds at the wastewater facility. The reed beds will be a new feature at the facility, planned for the purpose of the consuming most of the wastewater sludge that accumulates during wastewater processing. Workers have apparently identified the source of the water leakage in the reed beds and were working to resolve it, Karnowski said.