On God's Word, vote no on marriage amendment

To the Editor:

To the Christian Community! I read my Bible. I have faith in what God’s Word tells me about marriage. This coming spring CSS Publishing in Ohio will be printing my book of 84 wedding sermons. Should you choose to read that book you will know what I have learned from the Bible about the meaning of marriage.

You, too, read your Bibles. You have rock solid faith in what God’s Word has to say to you about what marriage means. For you and me it is an insult to God’s Word to even suggest that it requires the addition of so unspiritual a document as a state constitution to teach God’s people about marriage .

Let’s show where we stand, on God’s Word alone. Vote no to the marriage amendment and to those who think we require voice like that to define marriage for us when God is at work doing that in his Word.

Gary W. Fehring,