Seek candidates who care about the unborn

To the Editor:

In this great country, we all claim to believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Tell me how you can enjoy liberty and the pursuit of happiness if you were not given life. Some are concerned about the poor, the weak, the aged, the handicapped, the downtrodden, but simply forget or don’t care about the most vulnerable in our midst.

The unborn don’t enjoy life because their mother thinks her problems are of more importance than the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of her child. Think for a moment what you would have missed had your mother aborted you! No birthday parties, never a Christmas present, no July 4th fireworks, no graduation diplomas, no marriage license with your name on it, no anniversary parties. Countless memories over decades of time never would be, no children or grand-children to pass on your name or heritage, no life to live for the mutual benefit of yourself and all others you come in contact with daily, no time to enjoy and appreciate what our creator has provided us and continues to give us each moment of each day of the life He has given us from conception till right now.

When you vote, reflect and remember which candidates are concerned about the most vulnerable, defenseless in our midst and who couldn’t care less about them.

Don Kiel,