Christianity should not be left at the door when voting

I want to thank Marty Gad for persecuting the Catholic Church in her letter of Oct. 25th. Jesus tells us when we are persecuted for His sake we will be blessed. Thank you for allowing God to bless His church. Paul (Saul) likewise persecuted the church before he was knocked off his horse, after which he had a conversion.

In Romans 1:18-32, Paul writes about humanity without Christ and enlightens us as to the consequences. God’s holy word is clear as to the sanctity of unborn life, sanctity of marriage, sanctity of the family, sanctity of marital relations, sanctity of the poor and oppressed, sanctity of the aged and widows. The Catholic Church is still a strong advocate and guardian here on earth for them.

In Exodus 20 God gave the 10 commandments to all mankind. Yet God continues to allow us to enjoy all the freedoms of the world – all the civil rights, liberties and amenities we love, with the exception of 10 straightforward commandments. The fourth rule tells us to honor our father and honor our mother, not honor mommy and mom or not honor daddy and dad. The words from God are honor your father and honor your mother. God’s word is truth, the whole truth. So instead of remaining neutral or standing up for tolerance, or standing up for secularism. How about standing up for God? We must preserve what God has put in place for His creation when He created the world. God’s commandments haven’t changed, we have.

Marriage between a man and a woman is essential to the well-being of the future generations in God’s world. That’s not mean spirited, it’s obedience.

We should not be swayed by TV ads or guilt-ridden persuasive ideology of “tolerance.” As Catholics our identity is in Jesus Christ and His Church first not a Democrat or Republican. Standing up for God must be our goal. We should not leave our Christianity outside when we go in to vote.

Ione Puntsack, Princeton