Disgust with the Church is shocking

Responding to Marty Meyer-Gad from a couple weeks ago:  several people have shared heir shock/anger, and I quote: “ that anyone would voice so much disgust with the teachings of their church”  – after reading the letter I agree

.  I wasn’t raised in a “churched family” but had friends from all denominations.  By high school I had decided the Catholic Church was the right place for me.   I was baptized and became a convert to Roman Catholicism in 1957.  It appalls me when so-called “cradle Catholics” speak this way  about their church.  Rather than tearing down my beloved church, why not ask yourself a few questions, for instance:  do you believe abortion should be an option?  do you disagree with Leviticus 18?  are you a woman who wants to be a priest?  along with other soul searching questions.  If you answer yes, then maybe the Catholic church is not for you.

I wonder why people who feel their church is so far out of touch would not find another church whose teachings are more like their own thoughts.  Or better yet, why not just start your own church “and they will come!”

Since this is written prior to election day, I write without benefit of knowing whether the marriage amendment will pass.  Civil unions are one thing but to accomplish what the gay community wants by changing the meaning of words is quite another matter.

It was “marriage” this year; but by next year will the word “family” be on the ballot as well?  And then the word “parents” and what about “household?”

Will books previously written but for which new printings are planned have to edit and change?

Will all the dictionaries and encyclopedias and online resources have to be changed?  Just think of how far this ripple effect will go . . . and then let us pause to consider this . . . the word means one thing in Minnesota,  another in California, something else in NY and OH . . .  and Lord protect us if we use it wrong when we visit another country!!

, Princeton