County Board Briefs: November 20 meeting

Grant to aid with
patrolling of roads

Commissioners approved the acceptance of a grant of $28,140 from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Called a 2013 Toward Zero Deaths enforcement grant, the money goes for extra enforcement. The two-year grant is broken down this way for various activities: $6,615 for seat belts, distracted driving and moving over; $3,885 for speed and $17,640 for impaired driving.


General fund balance comparable to other years

A report presented to commissioners by County Administrator Roxy Traxler, shows a general fund balance at the end of October of $5.615 million. In 2011, the October balance was $6.222 million; in 2010, it was $5.783 million and in 2009, it was $6.378 million. The general fund balance usually shows a sizeable increase in November after tax money is received. For example, in 2011, the balance went from $6.222 million to $10.086 million. Balances of other county funds at the end of October this year were: road and bridge, $2.011 million, compared to $1.391 million at the same time last year; community & veterans services, $3.504 million, compared to $3.219 million in 2011; and capital projects was $1.559 million, compared to $3.188 million in 2011.


Detention response team gets equipment

Sheriff Brent Lindgren asked for money to replace protective equipment for the county’s detention response team. He told commissioners the old equipment is becoming unusable and needs to be replaced. The expenditure of $2,116 is for tactical goggles, $408; impact resistant gloves, $540; shin and knee guards, $516; forearm/elbow protectors, $516; and taxes, $136. The order calls for 12 of each item.


transportation policy revised

Commissioners approved changes to the transportation policy for veterans who seek rides to the VA medical centers in St. Cloud and Minneapolis. The changes deal with when appointments for such rides must be made, the requiring of prior authorization from the county to arrange for pick up and drop off, and requiring riders to be at the designated pick-up site at times designated by the driver. Vans will not wait more than 10 minutes at any stop. Call 320-983-2494 or 1-888-217-5222 for more information.