Elk Lake Estates road agreement approved

The Baldwin Town Board has approved a road use agreement for a shore land alteration in Elk Lake Estates. A group of property owners on Elk Lake have decided to perform maintenance excavation near Elk Point and need to transport excavated material through the township onto 290th Avenue.

The contractor hired for the project is Twin Pines Earthworks of Zimmerman.

Since the axle weights of the trucks may exceed the weight capacity of 290th Avenue, the likelihood of damage to the road is increased.

The township and the property owners’ representative, Scott Schmidt, agreed to inspect the road and document the condition before, during and after the excavation, which is expected to be completed in one day. They will do the work after a hard frost in order to have the least environmental impact on the shoreline.

The property owners agrees to pay any road repairs necessary because of the project. Regularly scheduled crack sealing and seal coating is excluded from the property owners’ responsibility.


Audit firm hired

The board chose K B P & Company from Waconia to file the township audit for 2012. The audit report will be available for residents to look at before the township’s annual meeting in March.


Gopher kills, bounties on the rise

The board discussed the gopher bounty offered to township residents who bring in the feet of killed gophers. The cost to the township is significantly higher this year than last and so the board is considering its options. “We are never going to get rid of them all,” Supervisor Kim Good stated. “I don’t think we should pay any more than the county pays.” In the discussion, it was noted that most of the bounty money goes to just a few residents who turn in most of the gopher feet. The board decided to table this discussion and find out what other townships are doing about the gopher bounties.


In other township news…

n The board approved moving the road report to the second meeting of the month. This will allow the township engineer and other township road and bridge personnel to be available for questions.

n The town board voted to move $10,000 temporarily from the Road and Bridge account to the general fund because of a negative balance in the general fund. The money will be transferred back during the first week in December.

n The town board approved a donation from Swantec, Inc. in the amount of $4,170. This was donated labor for the assembly of the Young Park boardwalks.

Also approved was a donation from Livonia-Zimmerman fire department in the amount of $2,200 for ice rescue equipment. This money came from the charitable gambling operation.