Reader proud of the football team

This letter is in regards to the Princeton Tiger football team. I want to personally thank them for not only a successful run in play-offs that led to a Dome appearance, but more importantly for bringing our community together. I have to admit, it was an emotional experience to see the team buses being escorted through the city and to each school by police cars and fire trucks. And I believe it was just as rewarding for them to see the schools and community out cheering in support as they drove by.

Knowing most of these players, I can say that these student athletes are not only great people, but have proven excellent role models for both our younger population, as well as our community as a whole. Not only for having a winning season, but more importantly, for bringing our community together and giving us a positive experience to rally around. Having coached different sports, I know the time and commitment it takes to be successful. The players and coaches should be very proud in the fact that they came together as a team at the right time. It was obvious that each player and coach was behind each other, and working together for a common goal.

On behalf of our community and schools, I want to thank you again for a great season and for bringing our city together and giving us something great to cheer about.

Congratulations and Go Tigers!

Jeff Beckers,