Baldwin, Livonia form agreement for 112th Street repair project

The Baldwin and Livonia township boards met for a combined meeting on November 26 at Livonia Town Hall.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the 112th Street Road project.

Livonia Township Board Chairman Donald Sherper began the meeting by stating “It makes sense to cooperate on 112th Street road project – if we work together, we can save some money.”

According to Livonia Township clerk Lila Spencer, a joint powers agreement is necessary for Minnesota townships to collaborate like this.

Baldwin Township engineer John Bogart said that the plans for the project are complete and construction can begin in the spring.

Obvious to all parties is the fact that the costs for the project must be kept separate. Baldwin Township will pay for Baldwin’s expenses and Livonia will pay for Livonia’s expenses. Bogart reiterated that the costs would indeed be figured up separately.

Road standards for the two townships differ in that Baldwin’s roads are 24 feet wide while Livonia’s are 22 feet. All this is figured into the costs, Bogart said.

The way the joint powers agreement works is that one township must take the lead and the other township reimburses for the project. In a coin toss, it was determined that Livonia would be the directing township on the road project. Bogart assured that there would be no additional costs to the leading township.

A joint powers board will be comprised of Butch Hass and Doug Manthei in Livonia Township and Larry Handshoe and Kimberly Good for Baldwin Township.

“I think this will be a seamless, straight forward project,” Bogart said. The project is expected to cost over $600,000.

One potential bump in the road is the possibility of turning lanes, which was not included in the original plans. This will add about $15,000 per turning lane plus the cost of obtaining the additional property. Delays in the project are possible if property owners are not willing to give up their land for the turning lane.

Another issue raised is the possibility of increased speeding on the new road.

The road is still expected to be posted at 45 miles per hour.