Schools address bullying in style

Taking advantage of an opportunity to have some fun in the rented tuxedoes, the Milaca Public Schools administration team including Jeff Meyer, Joel Foss, Jerry Hansen, Steve Voshell and Damian Patnode recreated the Beatles’ famous “Abbey Road” photo last Wednesday morning in the high school’s crosswalk.

Milaca Public School students, faculty and staff have been participating in anti-bullying measures for a full week and learning how to carry the new skills they have learned throughout the entire year.

“Milaca Elementary School is committed to educating our students about bully awareness and prevention,” Assistant Principal Jeff Meyer said.

Students in both the elementary and high schools have been encouraged to participate in “White Out Wednesdays” or WOW, in which one Wednesday a month they and staff wear white to show they have made a commitment to erase bullying from the halls and classrooms.

“So far, this has been a wonderful campaign with excellent participation,” Meyer said.

Last Wednesday, Meyer and the other members of the administration team showed their own commitment to the program by renting all-white tuxedoes and sporting them throughout the day.

“Becky [Hoffman] at Bloomtime cut us a great deal,” Superintendent Jerry Hansen said of the rentals.

Hansen, as well as the assistant principals and principals chose a different style and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a little fun in the formal wear before school Wednesday morning, recreating iconic music photos to be included in future anti-bullying assembly presentations.

The idea is to show students that respectful behavior doesn’t have to be boring and forced, but that togetherness encourages fun.

The elementary school has also begun offering positive behavior classes once a week for students who have trouble respecting others. Students recommended for the course meet with a principal or social worker to work on their behavior.

“They are also expected to face the person they have disrespected and assure them that the behavior will not continue,” Meyer said.

For the full story, see the Thursday, Dec. 6 print edition of the Times.