Princeton United Fund Drive raises $9,500

The October Princeton United Fund drive took in $9,500.

That’s short of the organization’s $12,500 goal, but still more than the $8,000 it raised last year.

Princeton United Fund Executive Secretary Gail Engblom said the increase over last year was a result of more donations coming in from businesses and service organizations this year. She credited the fund board’s president Luther Dorr in helping with that by visiting some of those entities this year.

Princeton United Fund raises money for charitable or service organizations that are either based in the Princeton area or benefit the area’s residents. The fund board received $9,100 in requests and awarded $8,000. The United Fund gave out about $7,000 last year to groups.

Princeton United Fund also keeps a reserve for requests from local schools where there is an unfilled need for a child, such as winter clothing. Engblom recalled one case where a special needs student needed a new blender to puree the child’s food.

Engblom said the United Fund faces many challenges when raising funds. One is that the economy still not good, and another is the change in the community, she said.

“It’s not such a small town anymore,” Engblom said, comparing it to a decade or so ago. “It’s more global.” She explained that many residents have already given to charities at the workplace or elsewhere. Also, because of the more global character of the residents, “there isn’t quite the loyalty to Princeton organizations,” Engblom said.

Not only does Princeton United Fund need more donations during its fund drives, but it also needs more board members. The members serve three-year terms and the board meets quarterly. The board, in fact, will begin planning next year’s fundraising campaign during its upcoming January meeting.