Police: Beware of potential scam

A potential telephone scam has hit the Princeton area and police are warning residents to watch for telemarketers offering discount cards through an EBT program.

A Princeton woman received a call from a local phone number and a Caller ID notation stating the call was coming from the Fairview Health System.

The telemarketer asked the woman to partake in a new EBT program (EBT is a debit card payment method of Minnesota’s welfare system) good at Walmart and restaurants, to name a few.

The woman asked for a return phone number, at which point she was given a 1-800 number. On callback, a telemarketer asked the woman for a credit card number and social security number.

The Princeton Police Department is looking into the matter. If you have received a similar telemarketing call or have information regarding such a call, you are asked to call your local police or sheriff’s department.

The Princeton Police Department phone number is 389-4789.