Seeking answers to Connecticut shootings

Psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich said, “Every generation crucifies Christ.”

How right he was.

What is the systematic killing of little children in the sanctity of a school room but an example of that madness, a madness that led Herod to kill the boy babies in Judea at the time of Jesus’ birth?  We quake at the horror of it, and yet it takes place almost routinely around the world today, where frightened little children needlessly suffer and die, along with their parents, through warfare and starvation. How far we are from establishing God’s Kingdom on earth.

The people who gave us the Judeo-Christian scriptures believed life was God’s sacred gift, not just life in human form. Therefore to kill an ox was the same as killing a human being – both were violations of the sacred (Isaiah 66.3).

I find it interesting that when we calibrate a serial killer using kinesiology, they calibrate at 30 (very low). So, too, when we calibrate prairie dog shooting – killing for fun – that, too, calibrates at 30. It is not the form of life, but the very discounting of life itself that is a violation of the Creation.

We live in a world that kills all too easily, and the cross condemns us, for we, too, participate in killing as an easy response to life’s complexities.

We all are seeking answers to what just happened in Connecticut. I doubt that any easy fixes exist, and perhaps the best decent people everywhere can do is to live their lives at the highest levels possible, with compassion and integrity, with ethical behavior and forgiving spirits.

In that process the universal spiritual level is raised, and as we know (to mix metaphors), rising water lifts all ships. Is not the Christmas season a reminder to recommit ourselves to becoming all that God calls us to be, and by so doing, advance the Kingdom among us?

Dick Gist