Alma Thomallo

Alma Ernistine Wilhelm Thomallo blew into this world in a late winter blizzard.

The world would never be the same.  Thomallo

She was born to George Albert Wilhelm and Bertha Beto Wilhelm on March 22 1915.  Her father was a prosperous Princeton farmer. He died when Alma was a small child.

At a very young age she was employed by The Charles B. Sweatt family to help tend to their children.  She did that and so much more.  She would continue to work for the Sweatt family until she finally retired after Mrs. Sweatt’s death.

During this long career she not only encouraged, loved and taught the children of Mr. And Mrs. C. B. Sweatt, but she went on to lovingly, protectively and gently care for both Mr. Sweatt when he died and Mrs. Sweatt when she passed away in 2001 in her 99th year.

Alma was devoted to this family who respected her wisdom and dedication and treated her always as a part of their immediate family. She took pride in the homes that she helped maintain and manage.  Her many years at Locust Hills in Wayzata were where she ruled with a fierce determination and were her happiest years. She felt it her duty to provide a meticulous, gracious and serene home for the “family”.

Alma also had a kind and generous relationship with her biological family.  She was a vital part of many of her nieces and nephews upbringing. At her 90th birthday party both families came together to laud her with remembrances of her important role in their lives.

Alma came from a long line of beautiful women.  She attributed her vibrant personality, energy and zest for life to the gypsies that were rumored to have been a part of her Mother’s family tree.

During her life she was a consummate flirt.  Many men admired her for her attributes. She only married one, Robert Francis Thomallo.

They were married on October 4, 1946.  Robert went as an officer to World War II and came back a seriously injured war hero.  He died in November of 1969.

As was Alma’s nature, she resolutely and lovingly gave her life to his well being with no concern to her own self.  She decided to leave us and join her parents, sisters, brothers, husband and friends on December 31, 2012. We were holding her and encouraging her to finally let go of her responsibilities and to finally think of herself.

During the last few years of her life she was cared for by a gaggle of wonderful women that were as loving and gentle to Alma as she was to everyone that she had cared for. Alma’s life was extended by their protective and nurturing care.  We noted that she left us on the last day of the year 2012 at 2:12 in the afternoon. Surrounded by her family and her “girls”she let go.  A dignified and tidy exit that was so like our beloved Alma. A celebration of Alma’s life will be held on what would have been her 98th birthday, March 22,2013.  Invitations with the time and place will be sent at a later date.