River Drive to receive upgrades

road-work-signWith no date in mind for a change, members of the Milaca City Council decided at their Dec. 20 meeting to consider planning for phasing in utilities on Southwest River Drive.

The road runs just west of theĀ  Rum River and goes both north and south of Highway 23.

The discussion, and eventual decision to have the city engineer prepare a proposal, came about because City Manager Greg Lerud told council members about a letter from the county to a property owner on the street whose septic system was found to be non-compliant.

Lerud said that was the third or fourth such case along Southwest River Drive this year and that the council should consider a utility plan for that area.

In addition, he said, residents of that area know that the street, mainly because of age, is failing and that it would make sense, from a planning perspective, to install utilities at the same time as a new road was built.

An open house for residents of the area was held last year and, though well attended, there was no interest in having city sewer and water installed, Lerud said.

The meeting was scheduled because of the condition of the street. The street, particularly north of Highway 23, has been repaired a number of times.

For the full story, see the Thursday, Jan. 3 print edition of the Times.