Match-ups set for Milaca-Foley wrestling dual Feb. 1

Milaca hosts Foley Friday night, Feb. 1,  at 7:30 in the teams’ annual wrestling showdown.

Whenever the Wolves and Falcons clash there are three certainties.

1. A huge, vocal crowd will be in attendance.

2. Both teams will enter the match with impressive records. Foley enters Friday’s match with a 17-4 mark while Milaca is 17-5. The Falcons are ranked No. 3 in Class AA while Milaca is not ranked in the top 12.

3. Both teams will feature  individuals with imposing records. Foley features five state-ranked wrestlers while Milaca has two.

Following are tentative match-ups for Friday’s match with the wrestler’s year in school and record in parenthesis:

•106 pounds: Jon Hall, Milaca (7th, 6-16) vs. Mitch Rothfork (7th, 10-9).

•113: Ray Hoffman, Milaca (jr., 18-4) vs. Grant Mumm (8th, 2-8).

•120: Hunter Noor, Milaca (soph., 18-4) vs. Tyler Funk (jr., 20-3). Funk is ranked No. 3 at 120 in The Guillotine wrestling magazine Class AA state rankings.

•126: Mike Hoffman, Milaca (sr. 15-3) vs. Tristan Manderfeld (sr. 20-3). Manderfeld is ranked No. 3 at 126.

•132: Joey Curtis, Milaca (sr. 17-4) vs. Logan Lunde (jr., 17-11). Curtis is ranked No. 10 at 132.

•138: Logan Sahlstrom, Milaca (soph., 10-1) or Dru Kuchenbaker (9th, 5-7) vs. Keith Thell (sr., 13-2). Thell is ranked No. 5 at 132.

•145: Jack Barsody, Milaca (soph., 11-7) vs. Carter Nielsen (soph., 14-3). Nielsen is ranked No. 8 at 138.

•152: Aaron Moscho, Milaca (soph., 11-11) vs. Brandon Halvorson (jr., 20-11).

•160: Jorgen Erickson, Milaca (jr., 7-12) or Josh Otten (soph., 18-4) vs. Nathan Beehler (sr., 11-11).

•170: Austin Weidner, Milaca (soph., 18-4) or Josh Otten vs. Luke Kelvington (jr., 12-8).

•182: Jake Merten, Milaca (soph., 12-10) or Austin Weidner vs. Tyler Midas (jr. 18-4). Midas is ranked No. 8 at 182.

•195: Colton Sailor, Milaca (soph., 5-0) or Jake Merten vs. Mitch Struffert (jr., 18-4).

•220: Zach Peterson, Milaca (soph., 9-13) vs. Cameron Svihla (sr., 20-10).

•285. – Brandon Merten, Milaca (jr., 19-3) vs. Mitch Keeler (jr., 26-7). Merten is ranked No. 9 at 285.

Note: Foley’s lineup is flexible at 195, 220 and 285, with Struffert, Svihla and Keeler able to wrestle at each of these weights.