Shoppers at new Walmart share opening-day impressions

A random sampling of shoppers coming out of the new Walmart store, during its opening day last Friday, brought out the following reactions:

Kathy Carlson, Princeton – “It was good. I basically went because of him,” she said, referring to her nephew Seth, almost 5, who was with her, and for whom she had bought toys and other items.

Carlson said she also went there to “check it out, peruse and see what it’s all about. I was impressed. It’s brand new and so clean.”

Darrell Skille, Milaca – “It’s good. I think for most people it has good value. It probably will be tough on the (other area) merchants anyway.”

Barb Atkinson, Princeton – “I think it was pretty nice. I like the fact that it’s a superstore (which she defined as having groceries). Everything is here in one stop.”

LeRoy Pfaff, Princeton – “It seems like it has a lot of stuff, a lot of groceries.” His wife Lisa added: “It looks like it has everything the town needs.”

Sally Whitcomb, Princeton – “It was wonderful. Everything was well stocked. The produce was great. I was in a big hurry and did not have the time to enjoy it.” Whitcomb also said the workers were helpful.

Richard Saathoff – “It seemed OK. More cash registers needed to be open (late that morning), especially on a busy day. I had to wait and wait.”

Kevin Mycue, Milaca – “There is a big difference from other Walmarts. Usually the (grocery) market is on the other side.” Mycue said he was in there just to look around.

Susan Broda and Susan Hoening were among a group of five who rode the Timber Trails transit bus down from Milaca to check out the store.

“It’s a very nice store,” Broda said. “Oh, it was really good,” said Hoening. “Lots of people.”

David Strelow, driver of the bus Broda and Hoening were on, said: “The aisles were a little narrow,” to which Broda agreed. “I was impressed,” Strelow added. “There were more groceries than I thought there would be.”

“I wished there was a place there to sit down and eat,” Broda said.

April Mattson – “I think it was a good experience. It’s nice to have the convenience so close to home now with the groceries and affordability.”

Necoe Baker, Milaca – “I didn’t mind it.” Baker called it convenient and said it would save her the trips she has taken in the past to grocery stores outside the Princeton-Milaca area.