Many helped save Dad

My name is Clay Foss and I would like to thank the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department for their rapid response time on Jan. 27 at 8 o’clock. We thought my father was having a heart attack. My brother John called 911 while my mother and I were giving Dad Nitro. The response time was incredible. He knew procedure and put him on oxygen, within minutes Fire and Rescue was on scene to assist and within a short time North Medical Ambulance arrived.

I would like to thank the deputy – my hat goes off to him for his service to all people in our community. This is the fourth time Fire and Rescue has reached out to our family. And yes, those from North Medical Ambulance service, it wouldn’t be possible to save lives without all of you.

I hope our community also realizes the exceptional service. Thank you ever so much from all of us in Princeton and surrounding communities. And thank you so much from all of us in the Foss family. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

The good news is he’s doing well, his condition was due to too low volume of blood in his body. Saint Cloud Hospital gave him three bags of blood and two bags of plasma and he’s showing good recovery. And a large thanks to Saint Cloud Hospital and staff.

One other person I would like to thank is Jason Underwood for all the help he has given our family on the farm with work and needs our family has had.

A huge thanks to all of you.

Clay Foss

Blue Hill Township