Questions need answering

Many residents, including myself, have asked Chuck Nagle to explain why he decided to run for the Baldwin Township Board of Supervisors a few days after he was sworn in as a Princeton School Board member.
This move by Nagle shows his lack of commitment to the school board and district. Nagle has failed to address this issue.
Prior to the March 12 Baldwin Township election, Nagle should inform the voters of which board he would choose if elected to both, in the case that he were to win in Baldwin
If Nagle truly wanted to be on the Baldwin Town Board, he should tender his resignation to the school board prior to the March 12 election. If Nagle desires to remain on the school board he should cease his campaign for Baldwin Township immediately and remain as a Princeton school board member as he was elected to last November. This action, if taken by Nagle, will be an effort on his part to show commitment to one board or the other.
If Nagle fails to address this issue and take measures to ensure his commitment solely to either the township or the school district, then he does not deserve your vote. His lack of clarity on this issue leaves me to believe he is not being honest about his intentions.
These two elected positions are deemed incompatible. You may recall previous school board members resigning after being elected to other incompatible offices. This issue was also explained to Nagle at the time he signed up to run for the town board. We are waiting to hear your response Chuck.

Jeff Holm,
Baldwin Township Resident