North Elementary staff says ‘thank you’

Throughout our “Learning Adventure” that was caused by a snowplow hitting our school and causing us to temporarily relocate, the staff of North Elementary was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the Princeton community.
A situation that could have proven extremely difficult to deal with was turned into an enjoyable learning opportunity for students and was successful because of the positive encouragement and accommodations made by so many people. From the staff of North Elementary, we want to say “Thank You” to:
n Parents for trusting us to provide for their children in these unusual circumstances, and for the numerous notes and messages of support you sent to encourage your children’s teachers and school staff.
n The high school administration for being visible throughout the building and securing an area for our fifth graders to be and feel safe.
n Middle school and high school students for being so flexible and relocating some of their classes to computer labs, etc. so fourth and fifth grade students had classroom space.
n Choir students for walking to Christ Our Light Church for their choir classes so that two fifth grade classes could occupy the high school choir room.
n MS and HS teachers for allowing fourth and fifth grade classes to move in while they taught from varying locations throughout their schools.
n New Life Church for opening their doors and allowing third grade to be held at their site, making North staff and students feel at home, and allowing all 3rd-5th grade students to attend a film festival in their building where they were able to view the Tiger Pride videos they created.
n New Life youth pastors and office staff for helping to transform spaces into workable classrooms.
n New Life staff and volunteers for helping set up and take down the “classrooms” daily.
n Christ Our Light Church for allowing HS choir students to hold classes there.
n The students at the Middle School who welcomed the fourth graders and mentored during phy ed activities.
n Palmer Bus Company and drivers for continuously adjusting schedules and being so flexible in getting the students where they needed to be.
n Custodians/Building & Grounds people for transferring classroom supplies to alternate locations and assisting on a daily basis.
n Technology staff for working through bugs at the various locations so that classes could continue as close to normal as possible.
n Coborn’s for supplying boxes to transport classroom supplies.
n Local gas station attendants for continuously asking about progress and providing positive support to teachers who stopped in.
n The food service staff for serving all three locations, making 200 bag lunches every day for third grade students attending school at New Life Church, and extending lunch times to accommodate extra students..
n New Life technology staff for assisting on several occasions.
n The student WEB leaders at the Middle School for delivering the delicious caramel rolls to North Elementary staff.
n Walmart for allowing teachers to take bags for our students to move supplies.
n The lifeguard for allowing the fifth grade students at the HS to utilize the swimming pool.
n Secretarial staff for continuing to provide support to administration, staff, students and parents from various locations.
n MS teachers for offering their science labs, technology labs,and regular classroom space during their prep and lunch times for additional NE student/staff use.
n MS teachers for offering to cover a class so that NE teachers were provided a break.
n MS teachers for giving up extra classroom chairs, desks and tables so that NE students had adequate “classroom” workspace at the ends of each grade level wing.
n Support staff, including Title I staff, for ensuring students had the additional support they require throughout the school day.
n Cafeteria and playground staff for ensuring students were well-supervised during lunch time and received a recess break.
n HS phy ed teachers for offering extra classes for fifth grade students during their prep times.
n Specialist staff for ensuring students received PE, art and/or music instruction.
n HS teachers and students for collaborating with fifth grade students in engineering, German, and science.
n HS teachers for letting support staff “take over” their lunchroom at 12:30 each day so that they could monitor kids so the classroom teachers could all eat at the same time as the students.
n The Union-Eagle for keeping the community informed and checking in on how students and parents were adjusting to the transition.
n The administrators for being “the listeners/therapists” as each new situation arose.
n The crews from ICS, Clark Engineering, NAC Electric, Kellington Construction, Crosstown Masonary, Sentry Systems, Transcend United Technologies and Egan Companies for working diligently on our building to get our students back in record time.