Nagle explains candidacy

Thank you Jeff Holm for this last word prior to the Tuesday Baldwin election. You asked that I explain why I became a candidate while serving on the school board. You of all people know this is all about the $407,000 Baldwin roads pork project but I will explain. You as outgoing board chair promoted increasing road spending in 2011.
First, most elected officials have the right to be a candidate for another elected position. However, if elected some could not serve in both capacities simultaneously. It is perfectly legal and ethical to be a candidate and decide if elected. It happens all the time.
I filed for school board candidacy in August five months prior to my township decision. The month prior the current town board chairman made the motion and voted to approve 2012 “engineering only phase” of the112th Street project to improve and widen the road passing his residence.  I have an attorney opinion that it is clearly a common law conflict of interest to cast the tie-breaking vote for a project that raises the value of his own property.
It would seem the next logical step would be to approve the actual “construction phase” only after the total project costs were known. If there would be subsequent vote with my opponent could flip-flop again. 2013 arrived and this is Baldwin Township. It was being stated that 112th Street had been in the long-range road plan since 2008. Untrue and contains the draft recommendations prior to the current chairman taking office.
My opponent had no challenger and just like the school board position, I wished to give the voters a choice. I decided to file for the Baldwin Town Board.
I am on record that if elected I will immediately make a motion to disapprove the “construction phase” for 2013. Yes only for 2013. As the town engineer has publicly stated, the engineering plans could be put on hold while the higher priority projects are completed with no funds wasted. 112th Street will eventually come to the top of the priority list.