Rush: Working to save the township money

In last week’s candidate questionnaire my opponent mentions several times or more about the “pork project” on 112th Street and ends every sentence with “I promise to return Baldwin to commonsense spending”. My opponent continues to mislead and NOT give the correct facts and information to the public and offers no solutions to any of the issues or concerns of the residents of Baldwin. In regards to my opponent’s ads in the newspaper and questions he calls me a flip flop on the issue of 112th Street vote. I voted no originally back in fall of 2011 because I did not have adequate numbers on the project cost and did not know if Livonia Township was going forward with the project.
I believe my opponent should talk about being a flip-flop as he cannot even tell the residents of Baldwin and the community of Princeton which board does he want to be on? The School Board or the Township Board?
In my opponent’s radio interview six weeks ago he stated that if elected to the town board that he would overturn the vote on 112th Street project and basically throwing away tens of thousands of dollars already spent on engineering and planning. On February 25th, the sealed bids were opened in front of the public for the 112th Street project and the lowest bid came in $120,000 less than the projected cost. The question for my opponent is that each township SAVED $60,000 a piece! Is this not COMMON SENSE SPENDING? If re-elected I will continue to vote on saving the township money and working on projects jointly at the county and local level.

Tom Rush
Baldwin Township.

Editor’s note: Tom Rush is an incumbant on the Baldwin Township Board and is seeking re-election. His opponent is Chuck Nagle.