Former bakery slated to go Hog Wild

The building, which has for so many decades turned out bread and pastries in downtown Princeton, is slated to become a meat market called Hog Wild.
Hog Wild owner James Dougherty watched Wednesday, Feb. 27 as people, meat-marketDougherty-who had won bids through an online bidding company for the bakery equipment, came into the former bakery to haul it out.
Trailers were pulled up to the old brick structure to take away remnants of what was at one time a thriving bakery business under the Weisbrod’s Bakery name. A couple other parties within the past five years tried to make a go of running a bakery there after John and Betty Oliver sold the business, but were unsuccessful. John Oliver stopped in at the old bakery on Tuesday, Feb. 26, perhaps to take one last look.
Dougherty explained that the three big ovens that were the heart of the baking operation would be turned into scrap metal.
Dougherty said he would like to have the meat market open by May. He plans to sell raw, fresh pork, beef, chicken and fish, plus all smoked meat products. He also talked about setting up a deli to go with the meat market.
Dougherty plans to do some significant interior renovation of the 5,600 sq. ft. structure, including resurfacing the floors.
He also plans to have brick repair and any other needed exterior renovation done on the building. He said he is one of the applicants in the city’s “It Starts Here” competition in which up to three grand prizes will be awarded this year. Each grand prize is a $10,000 forgivable loan from the city, plus up to $10,000 worth of services donated by local businesses to assist the grand prize winner. The intent of the competition is to fill vacant downtown spaces.