Google Maps search for liquor store leads to cemetery

At least 20 people looking for the city’s off-sale liquor store have ended up at Oak Knoll Cemetery after using the location finder on Google Maps.
The problem: If you punch in the address of the liquor store – 1901 5th St. N., Princeton, Minnesota, in the Google Maps location finder bar, the location marker will be shown along 13th Street and Fifth St. N., near the entrance to Oak Knoll Cemetery. That location is east of the Highway 169 bypass, while the off-sale liquor store is located west of the bypass at 19th Avenue and Fifth St. N.
Most of the people who have ended up at the cemetery instead of at the off-sale liquor store, using Google Maps, were coming to the off-sale to do tastings or were delivery people, according to liquor store manager Nancy Campbell. Campbell brought the map snafu to the city council’s attention about a month ago and said that former city clerk Katie Hunter had tried unsuccessfully to get the matter remedied on Google Maps.
People would get to the cemetery and then call the liquor store to get the correct route to the liquor store, Campbell said. She estimates that at least 20 of her customers have ended up at the cemetery first, before getting to the liquor store.
Campbell did say there is a way to get the Google Maps site to show the correct location of the city’s on-sale liquor store, which is formally known as Princeton Wine & Spirits. Her method is to type into the Google Maps direction finder: 1901 5th St. No. and 19th Avenue, Princeton, Minnesota. If you do that, the location indicator for the Princeton municipal off-sale liquor store should be in the correct spot.
Ironically, the Princeton City Council about a decade or so ago, once considered locating the city’s off-sale liquor store on city land adjacent to the west end of the cemetery but thought better of it after getting negative public feedback.
City Council members are taking the problem to heart about the directions shown on Google Maps for the liquor store address. They are having Community Development Director Carie Fuhrman try to remedy the matter with those involved with setting up that website.