Princeton to revive police dog unit

The Princeton Police Department will once again have a police dog unit, something the police department had for about five years until it was disbanded about a decade ago.
The Princeton City Council approved the program at its March 14 meeting.
Princeton Police Officer Jason Cederberg will be the dog’s handler and has been working on getting council approval. Police Chief Brian Payne has backed the plan with Cederberg.
The cost of establishing the unit will be about $58,245, with the bulk of that being for a new squad car and equipment designed for it for carrying a police dog. The goal is to have the unit in operation this year.
Cederberg said he has raised $8,200 through donations and fundraising. Veterinarian services have been pledged, as well, he said.
Payne said the canine-equipped squad car will reduce wear and tear on the other squad cars and mean less rotation out of them over time. Payne said he is confident that the city can afford the K-9 unit. Training of Cederberg and the dog will take place in two sessions: one in the spring and one in the fall.