PHS principal Olson retiring


A big change is coming next fall at Princeton High School.

Principal Pete Olson announced at an April 3 staff meeting that he will be retiring at the end of the school year.

Olson met with retirement planners over spring break on the Thursday before Easter. Based on his age (he’ll be a young retiree at 56) and years of service in education, he was advised that it was the right time to retire.

“But I plan to be involved in education in the future,” Olson said.

Whether it will be at the college level, as a substitute teacher or some other field in teaching, Olson said he’s young enough that there will be a number of opportunities open to him.

Olson came to Princeton as the dean of students at the middle school in 2000.

A year later he was named the assistant principal at the middle school.

A year later he was named middle school principal. Olson is in his eighth year as high school principal.

Announcing his retirement was a hard task.

“I really enjoy being a principal,” Olson said.

He added that he has been principal for a great group of kids and has enjoyed working with their parents and the business community.

“I’m certainly going to miss it,” he said.

Olson said his announcement surprised a lot of people because they didn’t know he was considering retirement. But his actual retirement-eligible date was around Thanksgiving of last year, and retirement has been on the back of his mind.

“But I didn’t make the decision until a few days before Easter,” Olson said.

Olson said he made the announcement last Wednesday to allow the school district to post the position and, in theory, attract a better pool of candidates.

“This is a great place to work. I think they’ll get a great pool of applicants,” Olson said.