Princeton’s fancy water tower painting to be cleaned, enhanced

Princeton’s most colorful water tower is scheduled to have its fading image, of the sun hovering low among trees along a river, enhanced this summer.water tower

The Princeton Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has chosen Color Dynamics, LLC, of Burlington, N.D., to clean the surface of the tower’s tank, which has noticeable grime, and use paint to brighten the faded image.

Color Dynamics was chosen to do the job with its low bid of $137,500, which the PUC awarded in late February.

The 300,000-gallon water tower was built in 1998, according to PUC General Manager Connie Wangen. The PUC has two other water towers, one along Fifth Avenue North and one just off Ninth Avenue South. Prior to 1998, Princeton had never had a water tower with a painting on its tank, let alone an elaborate one. The scene that is painted on the tower matches the city’s logo that is on Princeton police cars and officer badges.

The cleaning, painting and rejuvenation is scheduled to begin June 3, with substantial completion by Aug. 9. It will be completed by Sept. 13.

The tower went through an inspection last summer, as did the city’s other two water towers. The inspection crew used a raft to float on the water inside the tower and check out the interior walls while the water was being drained out. Paint touch-ups were done in spots, Wangen said.

Wangen noted that the north tower will be given a full surface rejuvenation in 2015 and the third tower will receive the same in 2017.

The schedule for the restoration is spread out among the three towers so that the Princeton PUC does not have to borrow the needed funds, Wangen said.