Student council fundraiser to help offset student’s medical expenses


The student council at Princeton High School (PHS) is raising money to help offset medical expenses of PHS senior Austin Weber, who was injured in an ATV accident nearly three years ago.

Casey Mordal, who is on the student council and is the student representative on the Princeton School Board, mentioned the fundraising for Weber at a recent school board meeting. One of the fundraisers is hat day every Friday this month. Students are generally not allowed to wear hats at PHS, but can pay $1 to buy a wristband to wear a hat on a particular Friday during April. The first wristband sale in April brought in $60.

The student council is also running a fundraiser for Weber called “Compatibility.” Students fill out a survey that gives a profile on themselves and also details what they like and dislike in others.

The student can then pay a small fee to get a listing of 10 other students (five from the participant’s grade and five from any grade at PHS) that the student would likely be compatible with. The student council contracted with a company to make the compatibility lists.

“We’re looking into what else we can do (for a fundraiser for Weber),” Mordal added.

The student council often does projects that benefit a national organization and so when the students on the council thought they should get behind a local project, Weber’s name came up, Mordal said.

“He’s really a nice guy and is friends with anyone he meets,” Mordal added. “We’re happy to help him out.”

“I think it’s great,” Weber said about the student council raising funds to help him with his medical costs. “I’m very thankful. I’m very fortunate to have people like this who are willing to do things for me. Some of them I barely know.”