Baldwin seeks input on pavillion site

A pavilion at Young Park in Baldwin Township is a step closer to reality.
On April 16 the board looked at blueprints for the pavilion. The intention of the park board, which has worked on the pavilion plans, was to use the existing slab of concrete where the white building currently stands.
The township board, however, wondered if it would be better to have the pavilion closer to the playground that was assembled at the park over the past two seasons.
One idea is to have the pavilion built up to the east end of the brown storage building. This would allow for groups to eventually sell concessions out of the brown building, like they do at the Princeton ball field. Also, the brown building has electricity, so there could be lights and electricity in the pavilion.
Another idea is to build a pavilion on the current concrete slab, as planned, but also build a smaller pavilion closer to the playground.
A new concrete slab is estimated to cost around $4,000. So the dilemma for the supervisors now is should they build a pavilion on the current concrete slab or do they put the pavilion closer to the playground at an additional cost of about $4,000?
The board tabled this item to get feedback from the public. Baldwin residents can provide input on where to build the pavilion in Young Parkby calling the township office at 763-389-8931.
“After all it’s not our pavilion, it’s the people’s pavilion,” Board Chairman Jay Swanson said.

White building
The white building at Young Park has been sold through Anderson Movers Inc.
Supervisor Tom Rush said there was a resident who also had placed a bid on the building.
However, the bid from the resident did not include the required proof of insurance and adequate professional transportation.