Let voters decide school building issues

To the taxpayers of the Princeton School District:
Once again we will be told that we need to build a new school. Last year, South Elementary was in need of maintenance and out of room, so we needed to replace it. This year we will be having full-time kindergarten and somehow four rooms at the overcrowded South Elementary were discovered that are evidently not in use and would be perfect for this.
I am not against education; I am against the needless spending of money that is taken from taxpayers by all forms of government. Sometimes it makes sense to spend more now than to wait. All I hope is that the handpicked committee and whoever they spend money on as consultants come up with some realistic reasons for a new building. I also hope that they come up with a realistic assessment of the existing building to bring it up to what is needed. There is no doubt that the South Elementary building needs to be renovated. Come up with a plan that will cover 10 or 20 years, let us know the cost per year of a new school as opposed to renovating the existing one. What is the projected population growth or decline?
It appears that there will be a referendum on the new school. This will, no doubt, be another all-or-nothing vote that if it does not win will do nothing to alleviate the problems of South Elementary.
If we are going to have a referendum, let the voters decide if it will be a new building or a remodeling of the existing one.

Dave Dewars,