Princeton to pay $60,000 for extra cost of construction


The city of Princeton has approved a settlement with Rice Lake Construction Group of Deerwood concerning litigation over Rice Lake’s claim of extra cost involved in the recent expansion and redesign of the city’s wastewater plant.

The settlement, which was a compromise reached after mediation, has the city paying $60,000 to the contractor. Rice Lake was demanding money through a change order due to what it said were extra costs in dewatering and working in winter conditions to construct reed beds at the wastewater plant.

The reed beds consist of concrete enclosures. Wastewater sludge is added and reeds are grown to break down the sludge. It is one of the main new features at the approximately $15 million project.

Construction for the whole project began about two years ago and substantial completion was reached late last year. The city council met in closed session on March 14 to discuss Rice Lake’s claim and at that time approved a proposed settlement. The council gave final approval to the settlement agreement at its April 25 meeting.