Safety measures in place in Princeton schools

All families have concerns about the safety of their children. We wanted you to be aware of the security already in place in Princeton schools. Here are some security measures that we have had in place:

Staff have appropriate identification through school badges, including substitute staff.

Each school has a system of checking visitors in and out of the building.

We supervise common areas throughout the schools to assure safety.

Every school practices emergency drills.

We have school liaison officers for our district.

The Princeton Police have trained using our schools’ emergency plans.

The schools have many cameras and monitoring devices.

We have school counselors, social workers and administrators who are on alert to assist students and staff who have concerns.

Due to the age of the students and the proximity of the high school parking lot, South Elementary has a detailed process to release our children at the end of the day.

Each of our schools is implementing a locked-door policy, with official doors to be open for visitors. Please enter South, North, Middle and the High schools at door number one, the main entrance.  For Early Childhood programs, please enter the building at door number five, the Community Education entrance. We are evaluating a method of installing security doors in the district office building. Until this happens, we will be locking classroom doors in the preschool area, once the children have arrived and parents have left the building.

Our School Board created a Security Committee, which is in the process of studying our schools’ security needs. We will proceed on a renewed learning curve, assessing the known measures, technology and communication techniques available, to keep our students safe.

We ask for your alertness, your concerns and the support that we know you will provide. We truly care about your children, teachers and staff.

Julia Espe, Peter Olson, Dan Voce, John Beach, Greg Finck and Gwen Anderson