County Road 12 bridge being replaced

An oft-used bridge in Bogus Brook Township over the Rum River on CSAH 12 has been closed until sometime in October because it is being replaced.
The bridge, located about halfway between Milaca and Princeton, is scheduled to be completed by Nov. 4 at a cost of about $813,000.
The detour markings are in place, county engineer Bruce Cochran said Monday.
About 400 vehicles per day travel over the bridge.
Commissioner Dave Oslin expressed concerns to Cochran about the bridge at the June 4 meeting of county commissioners.
“Yes, we do know that water goes over the road there,” Cochran answered Oslin.
“Do you feel confident (about the bridge)?” Oslin asked.
“Very confident,” answered Cochran.
Cochran said the bridge was designed in accordance with studies completed by consultants.
Commissioner Tim Wilhelm asked if it were true that the new bridge would be shorter than the old one.
Cochran answered that it will be 5 feet shorter but that it would be of no consequence.

Project to regrade CSAH 4 scheduled for 2014
A project to rebuild a 4-mile stretch of CSAH 4 is scheduled for 2014.
The project will be similar to the one on CSAH 1 in 2011 and 2012 that included widening of the road, filling of ditches and regrading.
The project will run from about 2 miles north of Princeton city limits to the intersection of CSAH 12.
Commissioners passed a motion last week to hire an appraiser to appraise more than 45 properties for right of way acquisition along the road.
Proposals of $26,450, $40,800 and $75,900 were received for the appraisal part of the project.
Cochran told commissioners the actual cost of the appraisals will exceed those shown in the price comparison.
SML Appraisals, Rice, which made the lowest proposal, was chosen for the project.
Appraisals will begin in June. There is federal money involved in the project.

Other 2013 road projects
There will be paving of about 1 3/4 mile on CSAH 4 in Princeton Township this summer, to be completed in September, that includes aggregate shouldering.
There is a box culvert replacement project in Greenbush Township, projected to cost $141,000, that is scheduled to start June 17 and be completed Sept. 13.
There are also projects in  East Side, Kathio and Bradbury townships, as well as three crushed gravel contracts that will cost an estimated $206,000.
All told, the road and gravel projects that Cochran gave reports on for 2013 have an estimated cost of about $4.06 million.

Report on fuel usage
Cochran reported that about a quarter of the $40,000 budgeted for gasoline in his department for 2013 has been used, as well as about 47 percent of the budgeted amount of $195,000 for diesel fuel.
Cochran said it’s hard to tell how the fuel estimates will come out this year.
“We had a lot of snow, and that sucked up a lot of fuel,” he said, “but, by comparison, we haven’t used much since then.”
The county purchases gas from stations throughout the county.
After using about $171,000 of gas and diesel fuel last year, with a budget of $276,000, the amount budgeted this year is $235,000.
The high price of fuel so far this year will have a marked effect on the costs for 2013, Cochran said.