Million Volt Man displays science behind religion


Theologians try to answer life’s mysteries using the Bible. Skeptics use science.
Dr. Dean Ortner will combine the two during his Wonders of Science presentations at the New Life Church in Princeton beginning at 7 p.m.  June 25 through 27.
Wonders of Science is a series of 90-minute programs led by Ortner, featuring audience participation, humor and unbelievable scientific phenomenon. The unique demonstrations are designed to show the relevance of man’s Creator to His universe.
“This is not hocus-pocus; it is natural law, as discovered by science” Ortner said.. Wonders of Science programs have been held at more than 600 military bases, including all three military academies, at Camp David, the Pentagon, three summer Olympics, and five World’s Fairs. His ‘Million Volt Man’ demonstration has also been featured on the Fox News Channel and on the premiere of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not television program which was witnessed by the largest viewing audience in cable television history.  The live demonstrations have been presented on nearly every continent in the world to over 8 million people.
Ortner uses more than 2,000 pounds of scientific equipment to perform such feats as floating metal in the air, shattering glass with sound, producing liquid light and playing music on a beam of light. During one demonstration he climbs onto an electrical coil (not static electricity) and allows one million volts of high-frequency electricity to flow through his body, causing a board he holds to burst into flame and producie lightning from his fingertips.
“Your body’s electrical system and muscles are in tune with 60 cycles,“  Ortner said. “The coil changes the standard 60 cycles to 65,000 cycles. At 60 cycles your muscles would contract so violently that if it were used on the coil, it would throw your dead body across the room!”
Ortner began his university training at age 15 in aeronautical/electrical engineering and French. He later transferred his studies to medicine and bio-nucleonics, the field in which he ultimately earned a doctorate and assumed a university faculty position at North Dakota State University, while doing graduate work in bio-nucleonics (his second doctorate is in Humanities). He says his demonstrations focus more on the scientific than the religious.
“I’m not here to cram religion down people’s throats“  he said. “I love presenting the science demonstrations; the programs are designed to be informative and entertaining to people of any age or scientific background. What I hope for is that listeners will consider the claims of the Person behind creation.  We are not just educated beefsteaks. There is a spiritual aspect to human life. The programs are specifically designed for that person who is open to looking for answers.”
The public is invited to the demonstrations each evening, each of which is totally different. There is no cost for attendance, but free-will offerings will be taken to cover the expenses of the program.