West Branch Gun Club scores

May 28 League niight

Gold Division: Quality on Site 119 vs. Meyer Outdoor Services 115; West Branch Gun Club 117 vs. Sanford Farms I 108. Standings: Quality on Site 8; West Branch Gun Club 6; Meyer Outdoor Services 2; Sanford Farms I 2.

Silver Division: Foreston I 116 vs. RJ Framing and Guns 117; Granite Ledge Electric 119 vs. Bye 116. Standings: RJ Framing and Guns 10; Granite Ledge Electric 4; Foreston I 4.

Bronze Division: Riverside Chiropractic 122 vs. West Branch Gun Club II 110; Foreston II 105 vs. Sanford Farms II 111. Standings: Riverside Chiropractic 8; Sanford Farms 8; West Branch Gun Club II 2; Foreston II 2.

25 Straight Shooters: Alex Sanford, AJ Wesloh and Ron Deglmann.