Princeton Speedway: June 14 results

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Princeton, MN (June 14) – The Princeton Speedway started a new tradition on Friday night by hosting the Don Roseen Memorial Race. The race included increased payout for the Super stocks and other perks for the drivers. Sabraski won the memorial race and Eric Martini, Denis Czech, Rod DeBernardeaux, Landon Atkinson and Matthew Dibb took the regular feature wins with Tim Johnson and Rod DeBernardeaux taking the make-up wins.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked the night off with their make-up feature from May 24. Kurt Becken and Kyle Howland brought the drivers to the green and they battled for the lead. Becken nosed ahead into first with Howland, Rod DeBernardeaux and Pat Zerfas driving away from the others. Jim Gullikson then made contact with Justin Pogones making Pogones stop dead on the track. The yellow flew and Gullikson was charged with the caution.

Becken was first on the restart but DeBernardeaux took second and moved in on Becken. Pat Zerfas moved to Howland’s side for second, but Howland held him back. DeBernardeaux slid next to Becken again and this time took the point. DeBernardeaux stretched his lead out and took the checkers and his first feature win of the season. Kurt Becken, Kyle Howland, Pat Zerfas and Dave Read finished in the top points.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks were next up to race with Donnie Lofdahl grabbing the lead. Adam Ayotte and Mike Loomis took second and third while Shane Sabraski battled Tim Johnson for fourth. Sabraski took fourth and cruised to Loomis’ door. They ran side by side and were on Ayotte’s bumper. Sabraski took third and moved below Ayotte as the yellow flew.

Lofdahl continued to lead as the green reappeared but Sabraski moved to his low side. Sabraski and Lofdahl raced so close they made contact. Both drivers kept going, but Johnson took advantage of the situation and shot past them taking the lead. Sabraski kept close to Johnson for the lead but Johnson was faster. Johnson kept Sabraski in his dust as they crossed the finish line. Loomis, Chris Wark and Lofdahl were the top finishers.

The first regular feature of the night went to the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and Tyler English battled Ryan Putnam for the lead. While they battled Denis Czech took third and watched them. When the time was right, Czech took the low groove and passed them both taking the lead. Bud Martini made his way through the traffic and battled with English for second while Justin Oestreich battled Putnam for fourth. Oestreich took the point and moved behind Martini and English. Martini took over second and Oestreich grabbed third putting English and Putnam back.

Czech had a sizeable lead as Martini chased him down. Oestreich tried to close in on Martini, but Martini pulled away. Czech had two laps to go as Martini was closing in. Czech however was not worried and drove to the checkered flag. Martini, Oestreich, English and Alan Bohlman took the top points.

Drew Johnson and Erik Gruhle brought the Hornets on the track but as the green flew the yellow flew too. After a couple early cautions, the hornets were off. Matthew Dibb didn’t waste a second and quickly shot into the lead. Dibb immediately pulled away with Gruhlke and Zac Hribar battling for second. Gruhlke kept second and Hribar remained in a close third. The white flew and Hribar moved to Gruhlke’s door. As they came down the front chute both drivers put their foot down, and Gruhlke took second with Hribar at this side in third. Dibb dominated the feature and got another clean sweep at Princeton.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks made their return to the racetrack with Jim Gullikson taking the lead. Kyle Howland took second and Ryan Kostreba grabbed third while Rod DeBernardeaux, Brad Schmidt and Gunderson went three wide for fourth. DeBernardeaux took fourth and then third by running the cushion. Gullikson looked strong in the lead, but Alec Nesbit’s drive shaft was laying in turn two brining the yellow out.

Gullikson continued to lead with Howland and DeBernardeaux chasing him. DeBernardeaux took second and set eyes on Gullikson. DeBernardeaux closed the gap Gullikson had and got on his bumper. Dave Read made his way into third and joined the fun for first. Read was up high and made a swift move going between Gullikson and DeBernardeaux and grabbed the low groove. Read nosed ahead, but DeBernardeaux took the high side and passed him and Gullikson. DeBernardeaux drove off and took his second feature win of the night. The top five drivers were Read, Gullikson, Howland and Schmidt.

The WISSOTA Mod Fours rolled on the track with Andy Mayavski and Brandon Linquist on front row. Linquist took the lead and Keith Thell moved into second as the green waved. Mitch Hribar moved into third while Landon Atkinson came through the field. Atkinson took fourth and then flew past Hribar getting third. Atkinson drove to Thell’s door as the yellow flew.

The restart order was Linquist with Thell and Atkinson in tow. Atkinson made his move to take the lead, but Linquist suffered a flat tire and went off the track. Atkinson took the lead on the restart and Hribar slid next to Thell. Thell and Hribar ran side by side until Hribar took the point. Atkinson held his lead with Hribar, Chad Funt, Thell and Nick Jelacie in the top five, and they ran that order until the checkers flew. Atkinson rolled his bright yellow #18a into victory lane for his second week in a row.

JT Johnson took the lead as the green dropped for the WISSOTA Modifieds. Jeremy Nelson moved into second with the field stacked three wide. Eric Martini made his way around Nelson and took second while JB Stortz drove to Nelson’s side. Martini and Johnson ran side by side for first while Stortz took third behind them. Martini and Stortz grabbed the low groove and blew past Johnson taking first and second. Sabraski claimed third and went to pass Stortz, but Stortz held him off as the yellow flew.

A couple cautions kept the drivers slow, but when they were set free Martini and Stortz drove away. Stortz kept close to Martini as Sabraski was in a distant third. Martini and Stortz kept their speed up, and Martini kept the lead as they took the checkers. Sabraski, Dustin Nelson and Larry Zeller finished behind Stortz in the top points.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks closed out the program with the Don Roseen Memorial Race. Roseen’s grandson Donnie Lofdahl started on the pole with Jeff Frey at his door. Lofdahl took the lead and Dave Read grabbed the low line. Read moved next to Lofdahl, but Lofdahl held him off. Dave Mass decided to make his move on Lofdahl, he was successful stealing the lead with Read, Chris Wark and Shane Sabraski following his trail. Sabraski went from fifth to third and took second from Lofdahl. Mass hugged the tires and Sabraski ran the cushion as they battled for first. The high side was faster and Sabraski took the lead. Dexton Koch followed Sabraski’s plan and moved into third.

A series of cautions plagued the super’s keeping them slow for many laps. Once the race was under way again not many laps remained. Sabraski pulled away as soon as the green lights clicked on and didn’t look back. Mass, Koch, Mike Frolik and Mike Loomis took the top five points and held them until the checkers flew. Sabraski took the win and the $600 payday.

Next Friday night will be a kid’s night featuring fun activities for the kids. Racing will resume at 7 pm.

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Eric Martini, JB Stortz, Shane Sabraski, Dustin Nelson, Larry Zeller, Tim Johnson, Dave Mass, Jeff Patchen, Zach Drews, Shawn Fletcher, Tony Proell, JT Johnson, Justin Jones, Toby Patchen, Jeremy Nelson
Heat 1- Sabraski, Martini, T. Johnson, Proell, Mass, Zeller, Drews, Jones
Heat 2- D. Nelson, J. Nelson, Johnson, Stortz, J. Patchen, Fletcher, T. Patchen

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- Shane Sabraski, Dave Mass, Dexton Koch, Mike Frolik, Mike Loomis, Dave Read, James Trantina, Chris Wark, Adam Ayotte, Kyle Robideau, Denny Schouvelle, Tim Johnson, Dan Gullikson, Josh Schmit, Donnie Lofdahl, Jeff Frey, Tim Patchen
Heat 1- Sabraski, Trantina, Wark, Frolik, Robideau
Heat 2- Read, Lofdahl, Johnson, Koch, Ayotte, Schmit
Heat 3- Mass, Schouvelle, Frey, Patchen, Loomis
Make-Up Feature- Tim Johnson, Shane Sabraski, Mike Loomis, Chris Wark, Donnie Lofdahl, James Trantina, Kyle Robieau, Jeff Frey, Tim Patchen, Adam Ayotte, Josh Schmit, Dan Gullikson

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Denis Czech, Bud Martini, Justin Oestreich, Tyler English, Alan Bohlman, Ryan Putnam, Dave Siercks, Gino Fontecchio, Chad Fouquette, Justin Tanner, Elizabeth Toepper, Jacob Toepper, Paulson
Heat 1- Czech, Fontecchio, Fouquette, English, Siercks, E. Toepper, J. Toepper
Heat 2- Nelson, Martini, Oestreich, Putnam, Paulson, Bohlman, Tanner

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Rod DeBernardeaux, Dave Read, Jim Gullikson, Kyle Howland, Brad Schmidt, Ryan Kostreba, Pat Zerfas, John Adams, Justin Pogones, Keith Tourville, Kurt Becken, James Becker, Jon Gunderson, Cole Shake, Amanda Milbrandt, Evan Neumann, Alec Nesbit, Russell Peterson, Kris Peterson
Heat 1- Howland, Zerfas, Kostreba, Tourville, Milbrandt
Heat 2- DeBernardeaux, Read, Adams, Nesbit, Becker, R. Peterson
Heat 3- Gullikson, Gunderson, Schmidt, Shake, Neumann, Becken
Make-Up Feature- Rod DeBernardeaux, Kurt Becken, Kyle Howland, Pat Zerfas, Dave Read, Justin Pogones, Brad Schmidt, James Becker, Ryan Kostreba, Jim Gullikson, Alec Nesbit, Evan Neumann, Jon Gunderson, Amanda Milbrandt, Russell Peterson, Kris Peterson, Keith Tourville

Feature- Landon Atkinson, Mitch Hribar, Chad Funt, Keith Thell, Nick Jelacie, Adam Fuchs, Andy Mayavski, Ross Mead, Abby Garin, Dan Murray, Dan Kastner, Brandon Linquist,
Heat 1- Hribar, Funt, Garin, Fuchs, Jelacie, Murray, Ky. Thell
Heat 2- Atkinson, Mayavski, Ke. Thell, Linquist, Mead, Kastner

Princeton Hornets
Feature- Matthew Dibb, Erik Gruhlke, Zac Hribar, Drew Johnson, Dan Kastner, Ariel Mueller, Dannie Burkholder
Heat- Dibb, Gruhlke, Kastner, Hribar, Johnson, Matthewman, Mueller, Burkholder