Baldwin approves annexation agreement

Baldwin Township has approved an orderly annexation agreement that it hopes will someday regulate its borders with the City of Princeton.

The next step is for the Princeton City Council to review the document when it is received from Baldwin Township.The purpose of the document is to protect the rights of property owners and to provide for orderly land use and economic development in the township.
The township and the City of Princeton want to cooperate on development and tax reimbursement.
The main points of the agreement approved Monday, June 3 by the Baldwin Township Board include:
• Annexation requests must come from the property owner.
• Princeton will not initiate annexation of property in Baldwin Township
• Baldwin Township will not prevent annexation if a property owner wants to annex to the city of Princeton.
• Annexations need to be contiguous. No “island” annexations will be acceptable.
• Annexations can’t include or affect Baldwin’s vital economic areas, namely the Baldwin commercial and industrial district or other areas important to Baldwin’s growth.
Included in the agreement are stipulations for property tax reimbursements.
Under the terms of the agreement, Princeton would pay Baldwin Township for the actual calculated tax value of the property per acre at the time of annexation. These property tax reimbursements would continue for eight years.